Mike the Monarch


Mike the Monarch is the mascot of the Des Plaines River Valley Restoration Project.Mike enjoys telling kids and adults about the wonders of our natural environment and how they can help preserve and improve it.Read all about Mike and his friends--and see how you can get Mike to help you!

Meet Some of Mike's Friends and Foes!

Bob the Beaver Water sports fan.  Makes sure our rivers and streams stay clean and healthy!

Baron Buckthorn Evil scourge of our woodlands. Mike and his volunteers stop at nothing to cut out and drive away the Baron!

Tara del Fuego Fire expert. Shows how prescription burning is good medicine for our prairies and forests!

Big Al
Garlic Mustard, alias Aliaria petiolata. Al and his gang are Public Enemy No. 1 in midwestern forests.

The Current Edition: Click Here to view the latest issue, “It’s Suzis the Millennium Bug,” about the love of Mike’s life on a special anniversary.

Sharing Mike the Monarch: Mike wants to visit you and help promote your conservation and restoration events and activities; but his lawyers insist on reminding us that Mike the Monarch is a registered trademark, and every Mike cartoon is copyrighted.  To obtain legal copies of any Mike cartoon, e-mail us at davelloyd@mindspring.com.

The Archives:  Click on any selection below to view your favorite Mike the Monarch cartoon!

Saving the Prairie...with Mike the Monarch:  Mike makes his debut and tells about how Illinois, the Prairie State, needs help to save the natural prairie environment.

Mike the Monarch Battles Baron Buckthorn:  In far-away Europe grew a helpful shrub named Bucky.  But when he came to America, it was trouble.  See Mike battle this alien invader.

Saving our Rivers and Creeks with Mike the Monarch:  Mike and special-ops expert Bob the Beaver clean up, study, and protect the rivers, streams and creeks of Illinois.

Fire in the Prairie:  Fire expert Tara del Fuego tells how trained volunteers use prescribed fire safely and effectively to control invasive plants and restore our prairies and forests.

Mike the Monarch and El Gran Viaje (the Big Trip):  Mike gets ready for his annual migration to Mexico--and describes how restoring our prairies gives him more tasty treats to prepare for the journey.

Mike the Monarch--A cool dude! Wear a cool wardrobe, use dangerous tools, set fire to things, learn the Latin names for plants, go to parties and parades...a dude learns how cool habitat restoration can be!

From Seed to Shining Seed:  July is the month for fireworks, parades--and the start of seed collecting season!  In a series of patriotic scenes,  brave volunteers meet our Need for Seed.  Volunteer now--Mike wants you!

Mike the Monarch battles the Garlic Mustard Gang:  Garlic mustard, alias aliaria petiolata, alias Big Al, is trying to muscle in on the natural woodland.  Mike and his volunteer Mustard Busters pull the gang up by the roots. Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of Big Al?

An Art which Does Mend Nature:  Tara del Fuego is a “muse of fire” for Will Shakespeare, who discovers how many natural wonders he can use in his writing (remember “a rose by any other name”?). We celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday, April 23--but we call it Earth Day.  Verily!

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone:  Mike has a nightmare: What if no one did anything to protect and restore the environment?

You Can Count on Our Monitors:  Monitors keep track of our restoration progress.

Making a World of Difference:  Mike talks to the Good Old Earth about how we’re improving the planet.

Hail to the Chief!: Some of our greatest presidents had a lot to say about restoration.  Speak softly and
carry a big bow saw; if you can’t stand the heat, stay away from the brushpile!

It’s Nice to Be Nice to Mother Nature:  Be good to your mom--take care of nature!

Ere We Were Here, We Were:  If you miss the “palindrome year” of 2002, you’ll enjoy this tour of nature-related palindromes.

Mind the EPGAP:  Mike tells Every Person to Get A Person to help boost volunteer numbers.

Get to Know Tara del Fuego:  See how Mike and fire expert Tara teamed up for our prairies and woodlands.

Mike the Obscure:  Mike’s editor points out that some of Mike’s cartoons are too obscure.  What? Mike shows just how obscure he can be!

Restoration is for the Birds:  Restoring natural habitat is great for the birds that make their homes there.

Dig that Garden:  Home gardening can give our native plants a head start--try it and see!

Mike Goes out on a Limb:  Mike is no sap--he branches out to save our native oaks.

Mike in the Land of Lincoln:  Honest Abe helps Mike and his volunteers emancipate natural habitat.

Thistle killya:  Did you say you like puns?  Be careful what you wish for!

The Spirit of Nature:  Being in nature is a spiritual experience, and habitat restoration restores the spirit as well as the forest.

Great Moments in Alien Invasions:  From Attila the Hun to the Russian army, invaders are always bad news; but there’s one invasion that Mike and his volunteers can deal with!

Two Heads Are Better than One:  Mike gets obscure in promoting volunteer habitat restoration (hint: They’re all Joni Mitchell lyrics!)

Pages of Sages from the Ages:  All the wisest people in history are for protecting the environment--and so are we!

Ten Years of Mike: We celebrate the tenth anniversary of Mike the Monarch.

Another Invader is RIP: Mike and his friends tackle the evil RCG--Reed Canary Grass!

Mike Goes Ultra Violet: Mike meets Viola, the Illinois state flower.


And now a reminder from Mike’s friend Larry the Lawyer:  Mike the Monarch is a Trademark!  All images on this page are Copyright 2002 Lloyd and Lloyd!  Don’t even think about copying without permission! So there!



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