Connect to Our Partners Below!

There are many environmental organizations that are active in Illinois and around the world.  Here are a few of them:

Forest Preserve District of Cook County--Landowner for most of our restoration sites and sponsor of our work.  The District has over 70 restoration sites around the county (of course, ours are the best).

Forest Preserve District Volunteer Site--Volunteer opportunities at our restoration sites and other locations around Cook County.

Chicago Wilderness--A coalition of over 150 governmental agencies and conservation organizations that is promoting the natural wonders of the Chicago area..  Read and subscribe to Chicago Wilderness, the magazine:  Chicago Wilderness Magazine

The Nature Conservancy--Preserves natural habitat by buying land and entering partnerships with governmental and private landowners. 

Save the Prairie Society--Restoring natural habitat at one of our region’s sites, Wolf Road Prairie. Lots of good pictures and text about the site and watershed protection.

Poplar Creek Prairie Stewards--Restoring natural habitat at Poplar Creek Forest Preserve, Hoffman Estates, in northwestern Cook County. 

North Branch Prairie Project--Restoring natural habitat along the North Branch of the Chicago River, in Chicago and the northwest suburbs.

Palos Restoration Project--Restoring natural habitat in the Palos Region--southwestern Cook County. 

Deer Grove Restoration Project--Restoring natural habitat at Deer Grove Forest Preserve, in northwestern Cook County. 

Chicagoland Environmental Network--An environmental resource helping people find out about environmental issues, volunteer opportunities, organizations and resources in northeastern Illinois.

Salt Creek Watershed Network--Working to protect and restore the watershed of Salt Creek, which runs through our region and borders several of our restoration sites.

Brookfield Cool Village Coalition--Working to encourage Brookfield government to reduce energy use and fight global warming. 

Silver Creek Watershed Network--Working to protect and restore the watershed of Silver Creek, which feeds the Des Plaines River.

No Ivy League--Fighting invasive species in the Pacific Northwest! Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the No Ivy League fights the evil English Ivy with the same enthusiasm that we show in the fight against Baron Buckthorn!

Snake Tracks--The Worlds Largest Snake Enthusiast Website. Visit our site for care sheets, species information,  field herping information, breeding, captive care, and our extensive list of snake enthusiast forums. 

U.S. National Park Service--Explore the many parks, their history, and significant events. 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency --A rather handy native plant database. 


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